About BD

When established in 2009 Brisbane Digital (BD.marketing) was just a group of couple of guys supporting a small agency in Australia – DEJAN SEO. It didn’t take long and DEJAN became one of the leading SEO agencies. For Brisbane Digital that meant a growth in numbers but also in knowledge and experience.

From the very beginning we made sure to be a one step in front of competition in terms of following Google guidelines. This was not always the best growth strategy for the business, but it did set us apart from most of the agencies at the time. We’ve kept that direction ever since.

Our Management


Our team is lead by Milos Dosen, who brings years of experience in SEO and digital marketing. Milos completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Missouri, USA in 2006. In 2009 he entered into SEO industry, when he was trained by Dan Petrovic to do On-Site SEO. Later in his career he managed Link Building teams and served as Head of Outreach.


Dragan Grubacki is an experience problem solver but also elite SEO Strategist. He has a unique skill set that enables him to look beyond Tech SEO, SEO and take client’s business strategy into the consideration.