Who we are?

Brisbane Digital was established in 2009 as DEJAN SEO’s exclusive partner. Working with Australia’s leading SEO agency, provided our team with a privileged experience to take on 200+ SEO campaigns and be a part of the developing DEJAN team and their worldwide known SEO experiments.

2017 saw a new transformation for the Brisbane Digital team, who expanded to become an independent business, opened for clients worldwide. 

Now, in 2021. we are an agency that helped solved 100s of SEO problems for clients in the US, Australia, UK, South Africa, Brasil, Denmark, Serbia, and so on. Rest assured that with Brisbane Digital you are getting the compatible and experienced team of professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience basing their work on WHITE HAT principles as instructed by Google and Bing.

What do you need?

The team at Brisbane Digital is ready to embrace your SEO campaign and get maximum results for your business goals. We strive to customise your SEO campaigns to ensure that you are getting the best out of both your business and SEO potentials.

Here is a list of digital marketing services you can choose from:
  • Complete SEO Package
  • Tech SEO Audit
  • SEO Skype Consults
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Community Management
  • Facebook Page Management
  • Link Building Only
  • Local SEO
  • SEO Training (In House Team Setup)
  • Traffic Growth/Conversions/Rankings
  • Why us?

    Our team at Brisbane Digital is driven by evidence based and practice framework that includes long term driven results in optimisation, proprietary data driven campaigns, absolute transparency and the knowledge and experience to get your business the most out of your SEO campaigns.

    Our work with DEJAN has greatly assisted and contributed to our team having experiences across the USA, UK and Australia, developing their localised knowledge, target groups and search engine specific data.

    Our team is at the forefront of a new ear and is ready to take on all challenges to highlight our sincerity and demonstrate our professionalism that has in the past made as an asset to one of Australia’s lead SEO companies.
    Professional SEO services


    "All our services are based on understanding client's business. SEO, PPC, or Content Marketing campaign has to be an extension of client's marketing strategy. It's our job to do everything that we can to synchronize our campaign with your business plan."



    "We will use our knowledge to make sure: your web site meets technical requirements to rank high, you have a content that deserves to rank high and we'll promote that content which will bring ranking signals that will make it possible to rank high."


    - Milos Dosen, CEO

    Strategic Approach

    Value for Money

    Winning Mentality

    Social Media Marketing

    Full Service Digital Marketing Package

    Search Engine & Social Media Optimization Experts

    Complete SEO Package 

    On Site, Off Site, Tech, Content Marketing, Link Building

    Our team of experts is available for consultations. There are 3 parts of this service: pre-meeting analysis, Skype conference, post-meeting analysis and recommendations. Sometimes, this is just enough for us to find a solution to your SEO problem.

    *1 hr Skype call, 5 hrs preparation, post-meeting analysis and recommendations

    We can train your dedicated team members to run SEO operations independently. Training Camp lasts for 3 months and includes hands on experience with actual work on your website.

    Local SEO

    Local SEO is a separate service for a reason. Google uses different signals for geographically related searches. 

    Yes, there is a way to be at the top of Google and Bing search results instantly - paid ads. Expert bidding systems and audience segmentation can make a difference between positive and negative return on investment.
    15% to 20% of ad spend

    Facebook Ads

    For many industries Facbook is a great marketing funel. Although it is not match to AdWords in conversions, Facebook is a champion in a cost effective brand awareness and product promotion.
    15% to 20% of ad spend

    Community Management

    Brisbane Digital can manage your brand activity on social networks, and even create and post articles on your blog.

    Tech SEO

    Our team has over 5 years of experience with solving technical issues which prevent websites to rank highly. We'll go through your source code and develop recommendations that will enable your website to utilize it's full potential.
    $90/hr  $60/hr

    Proprietary database of over 4000 links doesn't stop our team to continuously look for a new relevant link opportunities for each and every client. 

    $150 - $2000
    *with our article

    Social Media Marketing

    Instagram ads, Reddit ads, Pinterest Ads, Twitter ads, StumbleUpon, Facebook - we will get you exposed on any social media platform!